Reports of Medical Societies

1870 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
carotids. Wild expression of countenance, with dilation of pupils ; tongue heavilycoated with dirty white, frothy mucus in mouth, sordes upon teeth, temperature of body not much increased, feet cool, bowels very costive, urine scanty and high colored ; had used much cathartic medicine. Since the morning of the 22d, ho has been sleepless and in constant motion, rocking backwards and forwards, struggling with his attendants. It takes two men to hold him, to prevent his injuring himself or others,
more » ... himself or others, has talked continually since the 22d, picks the bed clothes with his hand, catches imaginary moths in the air, or on the floor, hearing and sight very acute, no appetite, drinks a spoonful of water occasionally. Morphine and other opiates produced no effect. As these opiates were The New England Journal of Medicine. Downloaded from
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