Binding of MET-TRNAf and GTP to homogeneous initiation factor MP

B Safer, S L Adams, W F Anderson, W C Merrick
1975 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Homogeneous initiation factor MP forms a stable complex with Met-tRNAf which binds to nitrocellulose filters in the absence of ribosomal subunits. Complex formation is rapid at 0 degrees and the rate of reaction is stimulated 20-fold by GTP when freshly prepared initiation factor MP is used. Under optimal assay conditions, a 1:1:1 stoichiometry for initiation factor MP, GTP, and Met-tRNAf is indicated, based on a molecular weight for initiation factor MP of 180,000. Kinetic analysis of ternary
more » ... nalysis of ternary complex formation suggests an ordered reaction sequence with binding of GTP followed by binding of Met-tRNAf. However, binding of GTP appears to produce an unstable state which leads to rapid inactivation of initiation factor MP in the absence of Met-tRNAf. Formation of a stable binary complex of initiation factor MP and Met-tRNAf occurs in the absence of GTP. The binary complex cannot subsequently bind GTP. While storage of initiation factor MP at 0 degrees for several weeks has no effect on the rate or extent of Met-tRNAf binding in the presence of GTP, the rate of binary complex formation is increased 10-fold. The binary and ternary complexes appear to bind to 40 S ribosomal subunits with equal efficiency.
pmid:1104615 fatcat:euu5uwrrbjfttottau4abb5o7q