Heterosis for yield and grain quality parameters in basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.)

2020 Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding  
In the present study, heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis were estimated on 36 F 1 s obtained through half-diallel mating design for yield and quality traits. For yield per plant trait, seven out of 36 hybrids recorded standard heterosis of more than 100 per cent. CSR-30 x HUBR10-9 (160.09 per cent) recorded the highest significant positive standard heterosis over yield check Pusa Basmati-1. For quality traits, hybrid Pusa Basmati-1121 X Pusa Basmati-1509 performed well, as it exhibited a
more » ... s it exhibited a significant desirable standard heterosis for kernel length, kernel length after cooking, kernel breadth after cooking, and length/breadth ratio. Other hybrids that performed well for quality traits were Pusa Basmati-1 X Pusa Basmati-1121, Type-3 X Pusa Basmati-1121, Type-3 X Pusa Basmati-1509 and Taraori Basmati X Pusa Basmati-1121. 17 hybrids were found to have the desired intermediate range of amylose content (20-25 per cent) and 22 hybrids showed a desirable range of 4-7 for alkali spreading value, based on per se performance. Key words Half-diallel, heterobeltiosis, standard heterosis, basmati 4.36 (intermediate) 70 -74 (intermediate) 22.96 (intermediate) Pusa Basmati1 X CSR-30 5.46 (intermediate) 70 -74 (intermediate) 25.22 (high) Pusa Basmati1 X Pusa Basmati1121 5.33 (intermediate) 70 -74 (intermediate) 25.64 (high) Pusa Basmati1 X HUBR10-9 5.49 (intermediate) 70 -74 (intermediate) 26.28 (high) Pusa Basmati1 X Pusa Basmati1509 5.65 (high) 65 -69 ̊ (low) 24.61 (intermediate) CSR 30 X Pusa Basmati1121 5.46 (intermediate) 70 -74 (intermediate) 26.64 (high) CSR 30 X HUBR10-9 3.34 (low) ˃74 (high) 26.16 (high) CSR 30X Pusa Basmati1509 3.76 (intermediate) 70 -74 (intermediate) 25.45 (high) Pusa Basmati1121 X HUBR10-9 6.78 (high) 65 -69 ̊ (low) 24.45 (intermediate) Pusa Basmati1121 X Pusa Basmati1509 6.66 (high) 65 -69 ̊ (low) 26.21 (high) HUBR10-9 X Pusa Basmati1509 5.53 (intermediate) 70 -74 (intermediate) 24.35 (intermediate) Check variety Taraori Basmati 4.48 (intermediate) 70 -74 (intermediate) 22.41 (intermediate)
doi:10.37992/2020.1104.179 fatcat:2xemsrurnzdfrcz4jclsb3lztq