Dissociation of Inflectional and Derivational Morphology [chapter]

Alfonso Caramazza
1991 Issues in Reading, Writing and Speaking  
A patient is described who makes morphological errors in spontaneous sentence production and in repetition of single words. The great majority of these errors were substitutions of inflectional affixes. The patient did make some derivational errors in repeating derived words but almost never made such errors for nonderived words. The inflectional errors for adjectives and nouns occurred mostly on the plural forms for nouns and adjectives and on the feminine form for adjectives. For verbs,
more » ... s. For verbs, inflectional errors were produced for all tense, aspect, and mood forms. There were no indications that these latter verb features constrained the form of inflectional errors produced. The results are interpreted as support for the thesis that morphological processes are located in the lexicon but that inflectional and derivational process& constitute autonomous subcomponents of the lexicon. 0 19% Academic Press, Inc.
doi:10.1007/978-94-011-3740-9_10 fatcat:oom3o4u6dfbf3hmnuuci3dmhqm