Plasma-etching-enhanced deep centers in n-GaN grown by metalorganic chemical-vapor deposition

Z.-Q. Fang, D. C. Look, X.-L. Wang, Jung Han, F. A. Khan, I. Adesida
2003 Applied Physics Letters  
By using deep-level transient spectroscopy ͑DLTS͒, deep centers have been characterized in unintentionally doped n-GaN samples grown by metalorganic chemical-vapor deposition and subjected to inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching. At least six DLTS traps exist in the control sample: A 1 ͑ϳ0.90 eV͒, A x ͑ϳ0.72 eV͒, B ͑0.61 eV͒, C 1 ͑0.44 eV͒, D ͑0.25 eV͒, and E 1 ͑0.17 eV͒, with B dominant. Then, as the etching bias-voltage increases from Ϫ50 to Ϫ150 V, trap D increases strongly and
more » ... ses strongly and becomes dominant, while traps A 1 , C ͑0.34 eV͒, and E 1 increase at a slower rate. Trap B, on the other hand, is nearly unchanged. Previous electron-irradiation studies are consistent with the E 1 traps being N-vacancy related. It is likely that the D traps are also, except that they are in the regions of dislocations.
doi:10.1063/1.1560562 fatcat:uhafq6myerdwdcirbnkklov3ai