Spatial Distribution Pattern of the Populations of Carex siderosticta at Mt. Geumjeong and Mt. Ahop
금정산과 아홉산의 대사초 집단의 공간적 분포 양상

Man Kyu Huh
2015 Journal of Life Science  
Data on the spatial distribution of a plant population among administrative areas is useful for various purposes. In this study, I analyzed the spatial distribution of the geographical distances of Carex siderosticta at Mt. Geumjeong and Mt. Ahop in Korea. The aim was to test a spatial structure within two populations of C. siderosticta. Most natural plots of C. siderosticta are not uniformly distributed in the forest community; for example, uniform plots were aggregately distributed within a
more » ... ace of 6.0 m × 6.0 m. When the sampling plots were larger than 6.0 m × 12.0 m, the individuals of C. siderosticta were aggregately distributed. The neighboring patches of C. siderosticta were predominantly 7.5 m to 9.0 m apart, on average; however, if the natural populations were disturbed by human activities, the aggregation occurred in shorter distances than a scale of 9.0 m. Moran's I of C. siderosticta significantly differed from the expected value in only 16 of 40 cases (40%). In conclusion, the geographical distribution of C. siderosticta is not even, with varying degrees of size in the plots, while human activities give rise to density effects in the plots at both Mt. Geumjeong and Mt. Ahop in Korea.
doi:10.5352/jls.2015.25.4.369 fatcat:aa4nkslivzfapcxc3oponwpxn4