An Increased Intraovarian Synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor and Its Low Affinity Receptor Is a Principal Component of Steroid-Induced Polycystic Ovary in the Rat

H. E. Lara
2000 Endocrinology  
A form of polycystic ovary (PCO) resembling some aspects of the human PCO syndrome can be induced in rats by a single injection of estradiol valerate (EV). An increase in sympathetic outflow to the ovary precedes, by several weeks, the appearance of cysts, suggesting the involvement of a neurogenic component in the pathology of this ovarian dysfunction. The present study was carried out to test the hypotheses that this change in sympathetic tone is related to an augmented production of ovarian
more » ... erve growth factor (NGF), and that this abnormally elevated production of NGF contributes to the formation of ovarian cysts induced by EV. Injection of the steroid resulted in increased intraovarian synthesis of NGF and its low affinity receptor, p75 NGFR. The increase was maximal 30 days after EV, coinciding with the elevation in sympathetic tone to the ovary and preceding the appearance of follicular cysts. Intraovarian injections of the retrograde tracer fluorogold combined with in situ hybridization to detect tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) messenger RNA-containing neurons in the celiac ganglion revealed that these changes in NGF/p75 NGFR synthesis are accompanied by selective activation of noradrenergic neurons projecting to the ovary. The levels of RBT 2 messen-
doi:10.1210/en.141.3.1059 pmid:10698182 fatcat:4fvlzfsm5zea5h342ssctvfdqm