An multiplet of 8-dimensional type II supergravity theories and the gauged supergravity inside

Natxo Alonso-Alberca, Patrick Meessen, Tomás Ortı́n
2001 Nuclear Physics B  
The so-called "massive 11-dimensional supergravity" theory gives, for one Killing vector, Romans' massive 10-dimensional supergravity in 10 dimensions, for two Killing vectors an Sl(2,Z) multiplet of massive 9-dimensional supergravity theories that can be obtained by standard generalized dimensional reduction type IIB supergravity and has been shown to contain a gauged supergravity. We consider a straightforward generalization of this theory to three Killing vectors and a 3\times 3 symmetric
more » ... imes 3 symmetric mass matrix and show that it gives an Sl(3,Z) multiplet of 8-dimensional supergravity theories that contain an SO(3) gauged supergravity which is, in some way, the dual to the one found by Salam and Sezgin by standard generalized dimensional reduction.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(01)00110-9 fatcat:pcg47sk3l5dannudfoxwj6bgay