Finite primes in simple algebras

Hoyt Warner
1971 Pacific Journal of Mathematics  
A "prime" in an arbitrary ring with identity, as defined by D. K. Harrison, is shown to be a generalization of certain objects occurring in the classical arithmetic of a central simple i£-algebra 2, i.e., the theory of maximal orders over Dedekind domains with quotient field K. Specifically, if K is a global field the "finite primes" of 2 (in Harrison's sense) which contain a iΓ-basis for 2 are the generators of the Brandt Groupoids of normal ^-lattices, R ranging over the nontrivial valuation
more » ... ings of K. The situation when J contains a finite prime invariant under all i£-automorphisms is studied closely; when K is the rational numbers or char (IT) Φ 0, and 2 has prime power degree, such a prime exists if and only if J is a division algebra. The techniques developed here are applied to yield new information concerning the generators and factorization in the Brandt Groupoids over certain Dedekind domains.
doi:10.2140/pjm.1971.36.245 fatcat:slereqbqxzd5xnq6fpaxjjpuzq