Effects of selected yogasanas on a physical component (Flexibility) of school children

A Manjunatha, Sanjeev Patil, A Manjunatha, Kumara Swamy
2016 131 International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health   unpublished
Yoga is an ancient health-art developed & perfected over the centuries by the sages & wise men of ancient India-Yoga is not a religion, a metaphysical doctrine or a philosophy. It can make amazing improvement in our health, appearance and Youthfulness. Yoga has many benefits in comparison to many other exercises. It is an exercise that can be done by any age group & even by the most unfit people. Yoga is also the most comprehensive of all exercises as it benefits each part of the body. The aim
more » ... the body. The aim of the present study was to analyze the effects of yoga asanas Urdhva-Dhanur-asana, Upavista-Kona-asana, Paschima-Uthana-asan and Ardha-Matsyendra-asana on high school students aged 15-16 years after 10weeks practice. The data collected was treated with the statistical technique's test and found there was a significant difference between pre test and post test.