Incidence Of Ossified Interclinoid Bars In Dry Human Skulls Of Gujarat State

Daxa Premjibhai Kanjiya
2013 International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research  
A group of intrinsic ligaments of the sphenoid bone which connect the anterior, middle & posterior clinoid processes occasionally get ossified and give rise to various types of ossified interclinoid bars. In present study the incidence of various types of ossified interclinoid bars were observed in 200 dry human skulls of unknown age & sex belonging to department of Anatomy of various Medical Colleges of Gujarat region. The interclinoid bars are classified on the basis of two classifications,
more » ... oposed by Rani Archana et al and Keyers. Rani Archana et al, classified interclinoid bars into four types : Type I (caroticoclinoid foramen) bridge present between anterior and middle clinoid process, Type II bridge between anterior, middle and posterior clinoid process, Type III bridge between anterior and posterior clinoid process and Type IV bridge between the middle and posterior clinoid process. Each interclinoid bar was classified into contact, incomplete, complete types based on the classification of Keyers. In present study total incidence of interclinoid bars was 18%. Type I were present in 10.5%, out of which 8% were complete and 2.5% were incomplete. Types II in 3.5%, amongst them 2% were complete and 1.5% was mixed. Type III in 4%, out of which 2% were complete and 2% were incomplete. Total incidence of caroticoclinoid foramens was 14.5%, out of which 11.5% were complete and 3% were incomplete. Total incidence of sellar bridge was 7.5%, out of which 4.5% were complete and 3% were incomplete. Presence of osseous interclinoid bars may cause compression of surrounding structures like the cavernous sinus and its content, sphenoid sinus and pituitary gland. Therefore, detailed anatomical knowledge of various types of interclinoid bars can increase the success of diagnostic evaluation and surgical approaches to the region.
doi:10.7439/ijbar.v3i12.867 fatcat:626rmluqirfula43cndiffxok4