Bioperformance of injectable inorganic cements as bone substitutes [thesis]

Armando Gisep, Marc Bohner, Ludwig J. Gauckler
In trauma and orthopaedic surgery, bone loss has been a problem that surgeons had to fight with from the beginning of operative treatment. Bone loss can occur from several reasons like comminuted intra-articular fractures, tumour resection, or disturbed balance. These lacking parts of bone often leave the surgeon with functional deficiencies and the void has to be filled with other materials. Besides the autologous transplant, many naturally derived or synthetically produced materials have been
more » ... used in the last decades. These materials range from metals to polymers and ceramics. Once implanted into a bone environment, there are many processes and factors that decide on the success of such an implant. The aim of this thesis was to elaborate on a few of these parameters, with a special focus on the bioperformance of ceramic cements and their compression properties.
doi:10.3929/ethz-a-004844372 fatcat:upwua4g3krhljagwic4akt2ydy