Українське красномовство в аспекті історико-еволюційного аналізу

Оксана Олександрівна Білецька
2019 Питання культурології  
The purpose of this work is to analyse historically and evolutionarily the development of eloquence in Ukraine as "the science of persuading" or "the science of finding ways to convince", as well as the problem of forming both a personality's communicative and general culture as well. At the present stage of the Ukrainian society development, an important place belongs to the personality's communicative culture, meaning that each individual possesses personal qualities, skills and abilities
more » ... provide them achieving goals in interpersonal interaction with others, allowing constructive communication to forge, focusing on success both in professional and daily life activity, adapting to a new system of relationships in the modern world, striving for self-improvement and self-realization. The methodology of the research. In order to look into the concept of "speech culture" at the stages of the science of eloquence formation, to clarify the role of the individual's communicative culture in the modern world, the following methods of scientific research are used, namely: synthesis, analysis and generalization. The scientific novelty reveals the concept of the personality's communicative culture as a kind of the eloquence art both at the present and historical stage of the existence and formation of society, as well as a component of the culture in general. Conclusions. It is stated out that the art of eloquence to be universal with the ability to speak being a component of a person's general culture, his or her accomplishment. The word is also a means of communication between people, a way of sharing information, a tool for influencing another person's consciousness and actions. Since the Kyivan Rus times, the Ukrainian art of eloquence development laid the basis for the modern communications culture. The communicative culture is based on the both general and speech culture of the individual, which is a high level of his / her development, expressed in the system of needs, social qualities, style of activity and behaviour.
doi:10.31866/2410-1311.35.2019.188791 fatcat:k73kpvm5hfglxb3esg7qj6q4bi