Problems faced by the members of self-help groups with special reference to Thimmampalayam area in Coimbatore district

A Kumar, A Kumar, S Kavithasri
Self Help Groups are instrumental for rural development, poverty alleviation, and social empowerment. The study is addressed through the problems faced by Self Help Group members in Thimmampalayam village at Mettupalayam Taluk in Coimbatore district were selected for the study. Some of 10 Self Help Group was covered under the study and 114 members were selected for the study and the data were collected using Questionnaire. This study revealed that lack of formal education, family
more » ... mily responsibilities as their major (personal problem), conflicts, lack of communication skills among the group members in decision making process was the major (social problem), heavy competition is major source of (marketing problem), and insufficient loan as their major (financial problem), among the SHG members in the study area. Percentage analysis was carried out to draw meaningful interpretation of the results. Chi-Square test used to find whether the two attributes are associated or not. Introduction Self Help Group is playing a very important role in the process of financial inclusion and women empowerment. It is a small group formed by 10 to 20 members of the same locality in the same village area, and who come together to solve their problems and social issues and they eradicate poverty is through mobilizing their financial resources of the individual savings, the urban areas people knows about the problems and the schemes of the government but in rural area peoples having excess awareness of the SHGs. Besides the comparison on urban women and rural women have limited access to all kinds of resources such as education, financial support, transportation, training, availability of current information etc., but have more hidden talents, which have to be brought into light, and providing marketing knowledge and financial dealing activities shall provided by the government. The NGO's and the NABARD gives various skill training programmers are taking while the members and improves these self-power while the members, which provides the saving opportunities to women to cope up their problems of daily life, SHGs rural women to improve their decision making within the family and as well in the society.