Measurement of wakefield suppression in a detuned x-band accelerator structure [report]

C. Adolphsen, K. Bane, T. Higo, K. Kubo, R. Miller, R. Ruth, K. Thompson, J. Wang
1994 unpublished
Research is underway at SLAC to develop accelerator structures for the next generation linear collider. A full-scale prototype X-band structure has been built in which the dipole mode frequencies were detuned to suppress the long-range transverse wakefield by about two orders of magnitude. To verify that the detuning works as expected, a facility to measure the long-range wakefield, called the Accelerator Structure SETup, or ASSET, was constructed in the SLAC Linear Collider (SLC). This paper
more » ... (SLC). This paper presents the results from the measurement of the prototype X-band structure with this facility.
doi:10.2172/28394 fatcat:hdpbxkn22fbidfliw36vxcuc64