Soil Forming Factors and Processes from the Temperate Zone

Mihaela Lungu, R Lăcătuşu, Mariana Constantinovici, V Plugaru, Adina Cătălina Druţu, D Vârban, Mihaela Venera, Stroe, Rodica Lazăr, Monica Stanciu-Burileanu, Nineta Rizea
2012 unpublished
Variaţia proprietăţilor agrochimice ale solurilor sub culturi ecologice de plante medicinale Abstract Researches have been carried out with medicinal herbs in the frame of a National project financed by CNCSIS through the Partnership Program. Ecologic and conventional technologies were applied. The project aimed to implement a standardization system of the vegetal raw materials which can be used in the cosmetic industry. Sage, basilicum, and savory were subject of the experiments, at Jucu, Cluj
more » ... ents, at Jucu, Cluj County, Ungureni-Butimanu, Dâmboviţa County, and Secuieni, Neamţ County. The dominant soils in these areas are Fluvisols and Haplic Chernozems in the Jucu area, Chromic Luvisol in the Ungureni-Butimanu area, and Calcic Chernozem in the Secuieni area. The agrochemical analysis of the soils from the experimental fields highlighted soil fertility properties conservation both under ecologic and conventional growing technologies.