Numerical investigation on the interaction between multi-Compacton of K(m,n,p) equation

Wang Guang-Hui, Wang Lin-Xue, Wang Deng-Shan, Liu Cong-Bo, Shi Yu-Ren
2014 Wuli xuebao  
We numerically investigate the interaction between multi-compactons of the K(m, n, p) equation by a finite difference scheme that is of the second-order accuracy and absolutely stable in linearization sense. By adding an artificial dissipation term, it works well for preventing the break-up phenomena of the numerical solutions. Firstly, we simulate the long-time evolution behaviors of the single-compacton to verify the validity of the numerical method. It is shown that the numerical method is
more » ... fective for solving this problem. Secondly, we study the nonlinear interaction between two-compacton and three-compacton by this numerical method. The numerical results indicate that the wave-frame and wave-velocity after collision are nearly the same as before collision. However, compacton-anticompacton pair induced behind the wave arises with small amplitudes.
doi:10.7498/aps.63.180206 fatcat:c2q5sfdsk5azbkcshpsycjhuja