Rapid shape acquisition using color structured light and multi-pass dynamic programming

Li Zhang, B. Curless, S.M. Seitz
Proceedings. First International Symposium on 3D Data Processing Visualization and Transmission  
Figure 1 . In this paper, we show how to reconstruct the shape of a scene, such as the two hands shown on the left, given a single photograph of the scene under color-striped illumination shown at center. A novel dynamic programming method leads to the geometric reconstruction on the right, shown as a shaded rendering from a new viewpoint. Abstract This paper presents a color structured light technique for recovering object shape from one or more images. The technique works by projecting a
more » ... y projecting a pattern of stripes of alternating colors and matching the projected color transitions with observed edges in the image. The correspondence problem is solved using a novel, multi-pass dynamic programming algorithm that eliminates global smoothness assumptions and strict ordering constraints present in previous formulations. The resulting approach is suitable for generating both highspeed scans of moving objects when projecting a single stripe pattern and high-resolution scans of static scenes using a short sequence of time-shifted stripe patterns. In the latter case, spacetime analysis is used at each sensor pixel to obtain inter-frame depth localization. Results are demonstrated for a variety of complex scenes.
doi:10.1109/tdpvt.2002.1024035 dblp:conf/3dpvt/ZhangCS02 fatcat:2wtjciruqzbh7o7xuwtstoijw4