Direct mass measurements of proton-rich isotopes of Ge, As, Se, and Br

G. F. Lima, A. Lépine-Szily, G. Audi, W. Mittig, M. Chartier, N. A. Orr, R. Lichtenthaler, J. C. Angelique, J. M. Casandjian, A. Cunsolo, C. Donzaud, A. Foti (+13 others)
2002 Physical Review C  
The masses of neutron-deficient nuclei close to the proton drip line are an important input for the rapid proton-capture process modeling above 56 Ni. The measurement of the masses of proton-rich nuclei with 32рZр35 has been made using a direct time-of-flight technique. The masses of the nuclides 66 As, 68 Se, and 71 Br are reported for the first time, with mass excesses of Ϫ51 500(680), Ϫ53 620(1000), and Ϫ57 060(570) keV being found. The masses agree well in most cases with the Audi-Wapstra
more » ... the Audi-Wapstra systematics.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.65.044618 fatcat:cm7xk5sbdnhkbbhjucms5ui3ny