Clinical observation of un-wrapped hydroxyapatite orbital implantation

Chi Zhai, Yi-Feng Zhang, Yi Hao, Xing-Qiang Ma, Chi
誗 AIM: To evaluate the clinical effects of unwrapped hydroxyapatite(HA) orbital implantation. 誗 METHODS: Unwrapped HA artificial eyeballs were implanted in 36 patients 36 eyes after eyeball removal. The surgery was performed under local anesthesia and without scleral wrapped. The artificial eyeball was drilled and threaded into orbital and sutured with four extraocular muscles. The postoperative wound healing, the orbital activity and complications was noted. 誗 RESULTS: The mean follow-up was
more » ... months (3 months-6 years). All the patients achieved satisfactory therapeutic effects except a bulbar conjunctival wound dehiscence happened in a patient 10 days after operation because of too large orbital and the wound healed after surgery repair. There was no orbital rejection exposure, infection, displacement, rejection and eye fixation noted. All the artificial eyes look symmetrical and beautiful, and the active range of motion of the removable HA was form 15毅to 30毅. The total effective rate was 97%. 誗 CONCLUSION: The unwrapped HA orbital implantation is easy and simple, and with less complication and good orbital activities, which is the ideal orbital filling plasty. 誗KEYW ORDS: unwrapped ; hydroxyapatite; orbital implantation Citation:Zhai C, Zhang YF, Hao Y, et al. Clinical observation of unwrapped hydroxyapatite orbital implantation. Guoji Yanke Zazhi (Int Eye Sci) 2013;13(5) :1050-1052