Low-dose Radiation Induces Drosophila Innate Immunity through Toll Pathway Activation

Ki Moon SEONG, Cha Soon KIM, Byung-Sub LEE, Seon Young NAM, Kwang Hee YANG, Ji-Young KIM, Joong-Jean PARK, Kyung-Jin MIN, Young-Woo JIN
2012 Journal of Radiation Research  
Low-dose radiation/Innate immunity/Toll/JNK/Drosophila. Numerous studies report that exposing certain organisms to low-dose radiation induces beneficial effects on lifespan, tumorigenesis, and immunity. By analyzing survival after bacterial infection and antimicrobial peptide gene expression in irradiated flies, we demonstrate that low-dose irradiation of Drosophila enhances innate immunity. Low-dose irradiation of flies significantly increased resistance against grampositive and gram-negative
more » ... acterial infections, as well as expression of several antimicrobial peptide genes. Additionally, low-dose irradiation also resulted in a specific increase in expression of key proteins of the Toll signaling pathway and phosphorylated forms of p38 and JNK. These results indicate that innate immunity is activated after low-dose irradiation through Toll signaling pathway in Drosophila. These authors contributed equally to this work.
doi:10.1269/jrr.11170 pmid:22374403 fatcat:7fzh5ggmyjevzhplfpbo2bt6vm