I am a mind, therefore I am a map. Mapping as extended spatio-temporal process

Sonia Malvica, Alessandro Capodici
2021 Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia  
The multifaceted nature of the map animates a wide range of debates that reveal its interdisciplinary nature. Our goal is to overcome classical cognitivism harmonizing the fields of neuroscience, geography, and enactivism to promote a holistic view not only of the map, but also of human beings and, more specifically, of the dynamic subject-world relationship. We have retraced the spatiality of the body and described the spatial dimension of implicit and explicit bodily skills and properties
more » ... lved in the exploration of – and engagement with – the world. We believe that maps, which present space in isolation, cannot grasp the global quality of subjective experience: space and time are not separable concepts for a cognitive agent engaged in the world. Finally, going beyond the theory of the extended mind to extended consciousness, we argue that ecological mapping, mental mapping, and practical mapping are closely interrelated.
doi:10.4453/rifp.2021.0023 doaj:e23aa3f65671455da27f5b188fe25d19 fatcat:ervy2fc6ufedpcrovs436cjosq