Highly loaded deoxypodophyllotoxin nano-formulation delivered by methoxy polyethylene glycol-block-poly (D,L-lactide) micelles for efficient cancer therapy

Chang Zu, Yinglan Yu, Caiwei Yu, Yi Li, Runing Sun, Birendra Chaurasiya, Baoqiang Tang, Daquan Chen, Jiasheng Tu, Yan Shen
2020 Drug Delivery  
Cancer is a kind of malignant diseases that threatens human health and the research application of anti-tumor drug therapeutics is growingly always been focused on. Many new compounds with great anticancer activity were synthesized but cannot be hard to be developed into clinical use due to its poor water solubility. Deoxypodophyllotoxin (DPT) is just an example. We develop lyophilized Deoxypodophyllotoxin (DPT) loaded polymeric micelles using methoxy polyethylene glycol-block-Poly (D,
more » ... ) (mPEG-PLA). DPT-PM freeze-dried powder was successfully prepared using optimized formulation. mPEG-PLA was added to hydration media before hydrating as cryoprotectants. The freeze-dried powder exhibited white pie-solid without collapsing, and the particle size of DPT-PM reconstituted with water was about 20-35 nm. The entrapment efficiency of the reconstituted solution was 98%, which shows no differences with the micelles before lyophilization. In-vitro cytotoxicity and cellular uptake studies showed that DPT-PM has a higher degree of cytotoxicity comparing with DPT and mPEG-PLA micelles and uptake of mPEG-PLA was concentration and time-dependent. In vivo characterization of DPT-PM was done for pharmacokinetics behaviors, antitumor activity and safety. The obtained results showed significant improvement in plasma clearance bioavailability (p <0.05) and prolonged blood circulation time comparing with DPT-HP-β-CD. Moreover, mPEG-PLA micelles had a better degree of anti-tumor efficacy, this was due to better accumulation of mPEG-PLA in tumor cell via enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect. Therefore, DPT-PM has great clinical value, and can be expected to be a novel antitumor preparation.
doi:10.1080/10717544.2020.1716875 pmid:32003255 fatcat:4cvdooebjvbxlke4fkths3hn7y