Charles A. Mobley
1912 Journal of the American Medical Association  
In the third day of the ¡ittiick, with the clonic spasm at its height, I passed a stomach-tube on the t henry that its passage through and dilatation of the esophngeiil opening of the diaphragm might have a beneficial reflex effeot on Ihe phrenic and sympathetic nerves of that organ. As the tube reached the stomach no pent up gas or fluid escaped, but the hiccup happily ceased Immediately and the tube was promptly removed. In about an hour, however, the attack returned, but was instantly
more » ... d by reinserting the stomach-tube. It remained away only two hours, but again yielded at once to the treatment. The fourth and final attack. after Ihe lapse of about two hours more, was likewise overcome. The further convalescence was complete and uneventful. 0510 Euclid Avenue. History.\p=m-\Thepatient, a German-American woman, aged 66, gave a history of rheumatism and heart disease. I was called to see the patient on the morning of June 9, 1012. The previous day the patient had suffered with severe burning pains on the face and neck, and on awakening that morning had found a vesicular eruption in this region. Examination.\p=m-\The typical vesicular eruption of herpes zoster was found following the course of the left facial and the posterior auricular nerves, with scattered patches on the side of the neck and in the hair. None passed the median line of the head. The contents of some of the lesions were puriform. The temperature was 100; pulse 90. A mitral regurgitant murmur was heard on auscultating the chest. From twenty-four to thirty-six hours after the first eruption the patient experienced a burning sensation in the right side of the chest, and shortly afterward vesicles developed along the course of the intercostal nerve at the seventh interspace. Tli" majority of the lesions of this second eruption on the right side were heinorrhagic. Temperature at this time was 102: pulse 110. The lesions on the left side of the face and neck were still present. h'eiiiiirl,-s.-An eruption of herpes zoster occurring on 1ml h sides of Ihe body at the same time, and at different body planes, seems so rare fron) mv search of the literature on the subject (hat I feel justified in reporting this case.
doi:10.1001/jama.1912.04270090123022 fatcat:22dft3xharegpjn5cgvtm6dbm4