The Coupled Magnetic Field Effects on the Microstructure Evolution and Magnetic Properties of As-Deposited and Post- Annealed Nano-Scaled Co-Based Films — Part II [chapter]

Donggang Li, Qiang Wang, Agnieszka Franczak, Alexandra Levesque, Jean-Paul Chopart
2015 Electroplating of Nanostructures  
Superimposed external magnetic fields during electrodeposition process offers the possibility to tailor the microstructure and properties of the obtained films in a very efficient, contactless, and easily controllable way, which is caused by so-called magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) effect. On the other hand, the non-equilibrium state of as-electrodeposited nanocrystalline films provides a strong thermodynamic potential for microstructural transformation. This means that the beneficial effect of
more » ... cial effect of magneto-electrodeposition on a nanocrystalline film can be completely consumed by thermal exposure at a relatively low temperature. Magnetic field annealing has been confirmed to be useful for tailoring the microstructure of as-deposited nanocrystalline films for their widespread uses. flux density, direction, gradient. Then, we will investigate the evolution of the microstructure induced by magnetic field, and the control of crystal orientation, crystal size, and its distribution by a HMF. By comparing the microstructure and magnetic properties of the film with and without a HMF, we can find optimum magnetic field parameters for the control of the growth of nanocrystalline Co-based magnetic film. The functionality of materials could then be improved by both processes under HMF: electrodeposition and annealing.
doi:10.5772/61349 fatcat:bchvu6cojzerbh2adssw7nv6se