Non-linear static behaviour of ancient free-standing stone columns

Bora Pulatsu, Vasilis Sarhosis, Eduardo M. Bretas, Nikolaos Nikitas, Paulo B. Lourenço
2017 Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers : Structures and buildings  
This paper investigates the nonlinear static behaviour of blocky multi-drum ancient columns. A two-dimensional custom-made computational software based on the Discrete Element Method developed. In the computational model, the columns represented as an assemblage of distinct blocks connected together by zero thickness interfaces, which can open and/or close depending on the magnitude and direction of the stresses applied to them. Through nonlinear static analysis, capacity curves and
more » ... ves and corresponding failure mechanisms of each of the studied models obtained. The influence of different parameters, namely number of drums, geometrical properties and imperfections at columns, assessed to observe their influence on the response of drum assemblies. The results of analyses revealed that rigid overturning is the main collapse mechanisms under uniform horizontal forces. A combination of rigid and shear failure mechanisms might be obtained depending on geometric characteristics and choice of joint material properties used. Higher displacement capacity observed for columns constructed with larger number of drums. It was found that imperfections at the ancient columns have a significant influence on the lateral load resisting capacity. Therefore, structural analysis of undamaged state of the columns may not represent the actual capacity of the columns due to their very sensitive and highly nonlinear characteristics.
doi:10.1680/jstbu.16.00071 fatcat:5yzvrjskzrhs3ps3gdfbdycaiu