Mining Telegraphs

1847 Scientific American  
The Precess o"C a SClllpt .. ". I raey, in the t r ansparent, pure marble, every Antidote "Cor Vholera. Clr .... latlon 01' tile Blood. From a pa per in Ihe l i" era ry world, � igned swell and indentation, and minute curves, all The . lat e accounts f ro� E� r o pe in � or m � s It is estimated by Holfmall and Ha ller that G. H. C al vert, we e;;tract the f�llowmg acthe countless delicacies of detail , the whic h that thIs fe arful scourge IS on Its scathIng mISth e weight of the blood in the
more » ... uman 9ystea count of the method in which statues are ! combined with and forming g ran d sweepin g sio n, a nd we a s a p rudent p eo p le sho u l d be is about one-fifth of that of the whole body_ wrought from the b l oc k of marble:lines, characterize the original as moulded in p repared by a l l t he mean s that lie in o ur P OWj Thus, if a DIan weighs one hundred and fifty The conception b ei ng matured in t he artthe clay by the hand of Powers" er to mitigate the evil , or arrest i ts progre sil p ounds, the weigh t of the blood will be thirist's mind, the first step in the process of giv-sho1l1d it reach our shores. A celebrated phy-! ty po unds. And again, that the lef t v entricle . . . fi d t I A Hlndoo Genius.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11201847-70e fatcat:oemtryyihfdfzm42nduciz67r4