Vitality of Carbuncular Germs

M. Pasteur
1881 Scientific American  
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, No. 279. 4453 gravelly, (hey �l;��ldbe employed. Then a roof should be and at an altitudes. Tbis bas been proved by sam pIes hav-l erected of boards, and made water-proof, and there should ing been drawn from valleys, from the summit of hi�·h be a door. The cellar should be dark, and then a load of mountains, from above the ccntrr of the Atlantic Ocean, all horse m:tnure should be packed against the entrance. Celery of which possessed identically the same
more » ... ly the same composition so far placed in the cellar and. covered with sand often comes out as the proportion of oxygen and nitrop:en is concerned. green, and loses its delicate flavor. The celery can be taken The combining number of oxygen being 16, and t.hat out every day, and is ready for the market, and is wholly of nitrogen being 14, it wirt be seen that these two ele unlike the stuff �old in this market. It will be found that ments are not pre�ent in air in these proportions nor in any the celery put ont the first of May is better than when it is simple multiple of these proportions; thi� fact alone would stored in November. MI', Roessle expendcd $1,000 in exshow that air is not a chernical compound, but it can ah;o be
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05071881-4453asupp fatcat:zs4l3llrcngkpog3zvipvz6tta