Effect of feeding level on milk production of sows during four weeks of lactation

G.J.M. van Kempen, C. Geerse, M.W.A. Verstegen, J. Mesu
1985 Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science  
During 2nd lactation, 12 Dutch Landrace X Norwegian Landrace sows suckling 7-9 piglets were kept in farrowing crates in calorimeters and given a 21.4% protein diet at 2.5 kg (ME about 800 kJ/kg0.75) or 4.8-6 kg (ME about 1500 kJ/kg0.75) daily. The diet was reckoned to supply requirements for milk production at the higher intake but not at the lower intake. Weight loss in days 4-25 of lactation averaged 10 and 28 kg for sows with high and low energy intakes, resp. From day 10 onwards, sows on
more » ... low energy intake gave less milk but with higher concn. of total solids, fat and protein than sows on the high intake. Yields of energy and protein were significantly higher in sows on high intakes only after day 15 of lactation. The daily gain of piglets was lower with the low energy intake; daily milk intake by piglets was higher, but energy intake per kg piglet gain was lower, with the high energy intake. Age of piglets had a significant effect on milk needed for gain. (Abstract retrieved from CAB Abstracts by CABI's permission)
doi:10.18174/njas.v33i1.16868 fatcat:kokmnhwwhjbfdnmgerylkb6gpm