Energy expenditure estimation of a moderate-intensity strength training session

Gustavo Allegretti João, Daniel Rodriguez, Lucas D. Tavares, Roberta L. Rica, Nelson Cavas Júnior, Victor M. Reis, Francisco L. Pontes Junior, Julien S. Baker, Danilo S. Bocalini, Aylton Figueira Júnior, Yang Gao
2020 Cogent Medicine  
An accurate method for quantifying associated metabolic cost has yet to be developed for a strength training session (ST). The aim of this study was to quantify the energy expenditure (EE) in an ST session composed of eight exercises at moderate intensity using indirect calorimetry and, from the values obtained, develop a prediction equation for estimating EE. Fifteen males (22.9 ± 2.61 years old), with at least 12 months of experience in ST performed one session of strength training composed
more » ... training composed of 8 exercises. Three sets of repetitions were performed until concentric failure for each exercise at 75% of 1-repetition maximum (75% of 1RM). The model demonstrated that session time and load volume of ST was a significant predictor of EE (p < 0.05). We found that the energy cost of an ST session at an intensity of 75% of 1RM could be predicted using the equation of Y' = −473.595 + −1.2110(X 1 ) + 17.5723(X 2 ) (R 2 = 0.61, p < 0.05). Where X 1 = load-volume (no. of sets x no. of repetitions); X 2 = session time (minutes). Although our equation may have limited accuracy, our regression formula accounted for 61% of the variability in a strength training session at a moderate intensity of 75% of 1RM. Session time in the total variability of EE in ST was an important consideration.
doi:10.1080/2331205x.2020.1794500 fatcat:bopisypvkzcercdi2fcjc2g47i