1901 Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease  
It began in a small spot upon the inner side of the left leg, which was painful, turned white, later became red, then black, and finally sloughed out, leaving an ulcer which healed slowly. These patches oc¬ curred at intervals upon the legs, and later the tips of the toes were involved with a characteristic gangrenous patch at the pulps which sloughed away. The patient had one hand de¬ cidedly more affected than the other, and at the wrist on that side no pulse could be felt. A very faint
more » ... A very faint radial pulse could be distinguished in the other hand. His second patient was a man 40 years of age, whose di¬ sease came on quite suddenly and involved the entire right hand. He was a machinist by occupation, working at a lathe, and in his work he was compelled to strike the lever of the machine with slight force at quite regular intervals. He at¬ tributed the trouble to this use of his hand. In this hand also, there was no radial pulse. The application of hot water would bring on a spasm of the vessels of the entire hand, which was acutely painful. The hand would present a waxy pallor. These attacks gradually became more painful, and were, finally followed by an ulceration of one finger, after which the disease seemed to disappear, the patient for several months having had no trace of it. The third case was seen in consultation with Dr. S. L. Zeltner, who gives the following history: The patient was 13 years of age, of Norwegian descent, tall, has light com¬ plexion, mentally bright, very fond of reading, of an emotion¬ al nature, and has had several hysterical attacks. She has had nearly all the ordinary children's diseases. The family history is not specially significant. The mother is of nervous temperament. She has four brothers living and in good health. It is stated that her grandmother had a finger that used to turn white for a short time. She first came under observation February 9, 1901, at which time several fingers were white and painful, but one
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