Geographical Discrimination of Iranian Pomegranate Cultivars Based on Organic Acids Composition and Multivariate Analysis

M Ghaderi-Ghahfarokhi, M Barzegar, M Nabil
2016 J. Agr. Sci. Tech   unpublished
In this study, geographical discrimination of some Iranian pomegranate cultivars was investigated using chromatographic analyses and multivariate statistical methods. The organic acid content of 24 pomegranate samples of different cultivars (5 sweet, 7 sweet-sour and 12 sour cultivars) from different production sites (Yazd and Markazi Provinces, Iran) were analyzed by HPLC/UV. Ten organic acids including oxalic, tartaric, malic, shikimic, ascorbic, maleic, succinic, citric, acetic and fumaric
more » ... re identified and quantified in freshly prepared juices. The total organic acid content was in the range of 105.4-2074.4 mg 100 g-1 of pomegranate juice. Citric acid predominated in most cultivars especially in sour cultivars, while sweet-sour and sweet ones were characterized by high malic acid content. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) indicated that principle component 2 was responsible for discrimination of two geographical regions. Furthermore, Factor Analysis (FA) and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (HCA) showed the high potential in complete separation of pomegranate cultivars based on geographical origins.