A. M. Valentine
1968 unpublished
Experimental work conducted during employment at ' . Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, operated by the . Uikiversity of California under AEC Contract W-7405tEng-48. -- L E G A L N O T I C E States, nor the Commlsslon, nor any person actlng on behalf of the Commlsslon: -1 Thls repurl wlra picpared no on nooount of Government ~pnnsored work. Nelther the United A. Makes any warranty o r represenlatlon, expressed or Implled,wlth respect to the accu-, r a r y , cunlpletencsa, or usofulneas of the
more » ... nUon contained la thIs report, o r Ihat the use of any Informatlon, apparatus, method, o r process dlscloscd In thls report may not Infringe prlV89ly Owned t l~h l s , ur 1 B. Assumes any Ilabilltles wlth respect to the use of, o r for damages resdtlng from the use of any LnformaUon. appnrstus, method, o r process dlsclosed In thla report. As used In Ihe above. "person acthg on behalf of the Commisslon" Includes any employee o r contractor of the Commlaslon, o r employee of such contractor. to the extent that such employee or contractor of the Commlsslon, o r employee 01 such conlractor p l r p~r a . dlasemlnates, or provldes accees to, any Informatlon pursuant to hla employment o r contract wlth Ihe Commlsslon, o r hls employment wlth such contractor. - THIS PAGE WAS INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK
doi:10.2172/4504360 fatcat:4ltoeaduavc2bj22mkd4ejd7ee