A study on Park Cooling Island Effect on Surrounding Urban Area, in urban design perspective

Tong Wu, Shuowen Chi, Youpei Hu
2022 5th International Conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Islands   unpublished
Previous studies have shown that urban green space has a cooling island effect, which is beneficial to mitigate urban heat island, especially in the hot-summer region. However, Researchers' interest is mostly concentrated on the green space itself, and there are a few researches on the phenomenon of the spread of cooling island to surrounding urban areas under the influence of urban wind, which could have a more positive and broad meaning for mitigating UHI. This study focuses on the latter,
more » ... aim to identify the key factors which are manipulatable in urban design perspective among various factors influencing the diffusion of green cooling island. The city of Nanjing is selected as the background city, because of its long-time and high-temperature summer. Two green spaces with different characters are chosen to conduct field measurement, from which the first-hand meteorological data are obtained, and then used to adjust the micro-climate simulation platform, ENVI-met, to ensure the reliability of simulation. Various factors, including green space own factors, meteorological factors, and surrounding urban fabric are parametric analyzed own to simulation method, from which, qualitative conclusions are drawn on the co-relation between factors and the diffusion distance of cooling islands. In the third part, we applied the knowledge obtained in this research to optimize the downwind urban fabrics of a test case. The result shows that with the knowledge, feasible urban design strategies could be applied to maintain and enlarge cooling island effect on surrounding urban area.
doi:10.37285/bsp.ic2uhi.47 fatcat:5zcrthfcavhy3faapjfrzvpqiq