Rapid Conversion from Clinic to Telehealth Behavioral Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic [post]

Jennifer Crockett, Jessica Becraft, Sharon Phillips, Marguerite Wakeman, Michael Cataldo
2020 unpublished
Survival often depends on behavior that can adapt to rapid changes in contingencies, which should be particularly well suited to a contingency sensitive and data-based discipline such as applied behavior analysis (ABA). The speed and scale with which contingencies shifted in early March due to the effects of COVID-19 represents a textbook case for rapid adaptation with direct impact on survival of many types of enterprises. We describe here the impact, changes and outcomes achieved by a large,
more » ... ulti-faceted ABA clinical program having: (a) ongoing data that forecasted and tracked changes; (b) staff well practiced with data-based shifts in operations (behavior); and (c) up-to-date information (data) on policy and regulations. The results showed rapid shifts in client and staff behavior on a daily basis, shifts in services from in-person to telehealth, and increases in volumes, revenue and margins. We detail regulations and provide actionable steps clinical organizations can take pertinent to this shift now and in the future. The COVID-19 challenges underscore the importance of maintaining robust coordination and communication across our field in order to address crises that affect our field.
doi:10.31234/osf.io/umbew fatcat:vlg5763c6naixl5vel3jcefbwi