Peculiarities and main directions of neorealism in international relations theory

Halyna Ivasyuk
2017 Історико-політичні проблеми сучасного світу  
As it is known, nowadays neorealism is one of the most influential trends in international relations' theory, which proposes a systematic explanation of the development of international relations and pragmatic understanding of national and international security. Using achievements of neorealistic school, it is possible to create relevant foreign policy and security strategy for the Ukrainian state, which makes the research in this area particularly topical. Keywords: International relations,
more » ... tional relations, international relations theory, international system, neorealism, structure of international policy, the evolution of international relations, national interest, power
doi:10.31861/mhpi2016.33-34.57-63 fatcat:ozafnlwktjg6bnvn24yoep64ru