Aspects of the use of geothermal energy as a drying agent (pre-drying) of timber

SETEL Aurel, GORDAN Cornelia, ANTAL Cornel, GORDAN Mircea, VANCEA Cristian
2018 Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering  
Specialists say that in Romania the total flow of geothermal wells, with the probe head temperature above 80 °C and artesian, is 795 l / s. In the prospect, through new drilling and pumping extraction methods, the total geothermal water flow available in Romania, with the above characteristics, will be over 1100 l / s. This is to be underlined because it quantifies the need of use in Romania the technology of geothermal energy conversion in other types of energy. Because of the fact that wood
more » ... ying is influenced by heat consumption, it has to be mentioned that this heat has to be transferred from an external source to a drying agent with the help of a thermal agent. Since the characteristics of the drying regime are determined by the type and thickness of the wood, the drying quality and the initial and final moisture content of the wood and the drying temperature can be estimated at present. Starting from the fact that certain types of wood of some species can be dried or cooked at temperatures below 80 °C, it is possible to use geothermal water as a heat exchanger in the dryers, including the reusable ones. This must be done in compliance with the conditions of the geothermal water regime in Romania. This paper addresses the wood drying and pre-drying processes with the help of a fully automated equipment.
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