Towards a Danger Theory Inspired Artificial Immune System for Web Mining [chapter]

Andrew Secker, Alex A. Freitas, Jon Timmis
Web Mining  
The natural immune system exhibits many properties that are of interest to the area of web mining. Of particular interest is the dynamic nature of the immune system when compared with the dynamic nature of mining information from the web. As part of a larger project to construct a large-scale dynamic web-mining system, this chapter reports initial work on constructing an E-mail classifier system. The Artificial Immune System for Email Classification (AISEC) is described in detail and compared
more » ... tail and compared with a traditional approach of naive Bayesian classification. Results reported compare favorably with the Bayesian approach and this chapter highlights how the Danger Theory from immunology can be used to further improve the performance of such an artificial immune system.
doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-414-9.ch007 fatcat:gg65y2cp5ze27fadbvgpu2yl5q