Introduction to the Biology and Control of Invasive Fishes and a Special Issue on This Topic

Peter W. Sorensen
2021 Fishes  
Across the globe, dozens of species of invasive fish are now found in fresh as well as marine waters, where they alter habitats, compete with native fish for food, and prey on native fishes, exerting both indirect and direct effects on ecosystems and economies. While efforts to understand and control these species are growing, most are still in their infancy; however, a few examples stand out. This special issue is comprised of 11 notable articles on freshwater invasive fish and is the first to
more » ... address this topic. This introductory article serves as an introduction to these articles which focus on 5 topics on invasive freshwater fish: (1) the damage they cause (one article); (2) techniques to ascertain their presence (one article); (3) techniques to restrict their movement (one article); (4) strategies to control them (three articles); and (5) lessons learned from ongoing management efforts (five articles). This introduction notes that successful management efforts share a few approaches: (1) they develop and use a deep understanding of local species and their abundance as well as distribution; (2) they focus on reducing reproductive success; (3) they use multiple complimentary control strategies; and (4) they use a long-term approach.
doi:10.3390/fishes6040069 fatcat:addncihujrfjbnc6p4ptxh2m3y