Revision of the Palaearctic members of the species complex resembling Megaselia brevior (Schmitz) (Diptera: Phoridae)

R. Henry L. Disney
2006 Fragmenta Faunistica  
The complex of species resembling Megaselia brevior (Schmitz) is revised. M. angustiata Schmitz and M. parvula Schmitz are reinstated as valid species. The following new synonyms are proposed: M. aspera Schmitz (male holotype only) is synonymised with M. leucozona Schmitz; M. ultrabrevis Schmitz, and its synonym M. pseudobrevior Disney, are synonymised with M. angustiata; and M. insecta Schmitz is synonymised with M. oxybelorum Schmitz. The female paratype of M. aspera is recognised as a female
more » ... of M. parvula. A key to the Palaearctic species of this subgroup is provided.
doi:10.3161/00159301ff2006.49.1.041 fatcat:obkn6rnxqnglfd2q2b76qbywje