A Critical Reflection on COVID-19: The Era of Infodemic versus Truth-Telling in Nigerian Context

Ayo O. Fadahunsi, O. Owoseni Adewale
2020 Zenodo  
Ęni Sàngó bá ti ojú ę jà, kò níí báwǫn bú Ǫba Kòso – He who witnesses the wrath of Sàngó on an offender, would not dare to take Sàngó for granted. The proverbial expression incites the critical mind to remain ever in search of the validity of claims, to attain a supposed reliable ground of justification for dismissing doubts about occurrence of events or happenings. Little wonder that the Yoruba people aptly compares such condition of claim to knowledge with a witness' testimony of the terrible
more » ... outcome of Sango's thunderous wrath on defaulting offenders, sanctioned to be guilty for something by the investigative cult of Sango. So much for the metaphor! The issue of COVID-19 is yet to be due for invoking the Sango stamp of sanction, which makes it quite a complex issue that demands more than one thousand ways of reflection. The reality of COVID-19 still looms large, accompanied by the much circulated impression from some quarters of such reality as myth or 'politicised' panic devised for the purpose of global economic power shift and hegemony, African nations not exempted. In this paper, we employ rational and critical thinking from the philosophical angle to reflect on how recovery from COVID-19 remains trapped in the circulation of myth, panic and reality within the context of Nigeria. The paper argues that until the value of truth-telling is implicated, anticipated substantial recovery from COVID-19 pandemic would remain plagued by the lingering consequences of infodemic (misinformation).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4785394 fatcat:epgaxzixwjblzf7q5k75oa75ja