Predicting Film Genres with Implicit Ideals

Andrew McGregor Olney
2013 Frontiers in Psychology  
We present a new approach to defining film genre based on implicit ideals. When viewers rate the likability of a film, they indirectly express their ideal of what a film should be. Across six studies we investigate the category structure that emerges from likability ratings and the category structure that emerges from the features of film. We further compare these data-driven category structures with human annotated film genres. We conclude that film genres are structured more around ideals
more » ... around features of film. This finding lends experimental support to the notion that film genres are set of shifting, fuzzy, and highly contextualized psychological categories.
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00565 pmid:23423823 pmcid:PMC3573840 fatcat:qqutgrmamvfexo5po65tpmwuq4