A Complete Classification of the Expressiveness of Interval Logics of Allen's Relations over Dense Linear Orders

Luca Aceto, Dario Della Monica, Anna Ingolfsdottir, Angelo Montanari, Guido Sciavicco
2013 2013 20th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning  
Interval temporal logics are temporal logics that take time intervals, instead of time instants, as their primitive temporal entities. One of the most studied interval temporal logics is Halpern and Shoham's modal logic of time intervals (HS), which has a distinct modality for each binary relation between intervals over a linear order. As HS turns out to be undecidable over most classes of linear orders, the study of HS fragments, featuring a proper subset of HS modalities, is a major item in
more » ... e research agenda for interval temporal logics. A characterization of HS fragments in terms of their relative expressive power has been given for the class of all linear orders. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to directly transfer such a result to other meaningful classes of linear orders. In this paper, we provide a complete classification of the expressiveness of HS fragments over the class of (all) dense linear orders.
doi:10.1109/time.2013.16 dblp:conf/time/AcetoMIMS13 fatcat:264sht62ovd3vf574shs5dca3m