Improving disaster risk communication in various disaster scenarios [thesis]

Prananda Navitas
B.Eng. (Architecture) M.Eng. (Urban Planning and Design) 2020 Improving Disaster Risk Communication in Various Disaster Scenarios i Keywords Hazard information, information pathways, information-seeking behaviour, risk communication, trusted sources of information, useful sources of information ii Improving Disaster Risk Communication in Various Disaster Scenarios Abstract Effective communication is a critical component of disaster mitigation, aiding in preparation, response, and recovery.
more » ... ifying the most and least trusted information sources helps emergency services develop better strategies for emergency information dispersal. Currently, there is limited research that focusses comprehensively on information channels the public views as trustworthy and uses for emergency information across different hazards and threats. This research offers insights into individual citizen's reliance on, and incorporation of, various types of information sources under time pressures and uncertainty associated with natural disaster events. Empirical data were obtained from 217 randomly selected adults across the Southeast Queensland region using a web-based survey. Respondents were asked to rate different information sources they trusted for emergency information hierarchically and to indicate information sources they would use to help decision-Improving Disaster Risk Communication in Various Disaster Scenarios iii
doi:10.5204/thesis.eprints.207424 fatcat:wjvrrsakz5cztolzkkurd7o36u