The Language Contact Status of Kanbun Kundoku in East Asian Languages

Hongyan Liu, Qingping Ren
2017 Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Intercultural Communication (ICELAIC 2017)   unpublished
This paper is about the status of Kanbun Kundoku in the language contact among East Asian languages. From the discussion, we concluded that language contact can be in progress in different kinds of medium from the perspective of modern language contact study. Kanbun Kundoku on East Asian can be understood as an example of language contact. From the general type of language contact, Kanbun Kundoku in East Asian history belongs to indirect, long-term and non-cognation language contact based on
more » ... contact based on written form. It belongs to the one-sided impact of longdistance cultural diffusion for thousands of years. Furthermore, the influences are mainly reflected in loanword and part of word order because of the different characteristics of Chinese and target languages.
doi:10.2991/icelaic-17.2017.91 fatcat:3dgzasrnmjbb7e2ulhxglqxqzq