Development of Teaching-Learning Program Utilizing Bioinformatics to Improve the Independent Research Skills of Scientifically Gifted Students

The purpose of this study is to develop a teaching-learning program by utilizing bioinformatics, which deals with genetic information, and to examine the effect of the program on the improvement of the independent research skills of scientifically gifted students. The program containing seven sessions(16 hours) was devised by utilizing a self-directed learning model to let students engage in activities usually performed by scientists. The subjects in this study were 14 students who were in a
more » ... ts who were in a class for handson scientific experience in D science high school. After application of the teaching-learning program, which utilized the tool of informatics that dealt with genetic information was conducted, the program turned out to be effective at fostering the independent research skills of the scientifically gifted students. The students were divided into four different groups according to their patterns of changes in independent research skills after class. When their answer sheets were analyzed, it's confirmed that they came to think in a more concrete and process-centered manner. As a result of analyzing the five sub-elements of their research skills, their performance of questioning, reviewing, planning, data converting/interpreting and bibliography preparing was done in a more concrete and analytic way as the program went on. The teaching-learning program that was designed to teach students to foster their actual problem-solving skills, to design an experiment in a creative manner and to analyze and interpret information is expected to be of use for not only gifted science education but secondary education as one of R&E activity programs that instruct students to properly respond to diverse problem situations.
doi:10.15717/bioedu.2015.43.4.433 fatcat:2lbxk2huevd4hnwe2a6b6yzuwe