An Overview of the Pidgin English in Cameroon

2016 International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education  
Cameroon, like some African countries, has a complex language situation in the sense that in addition to the two official languages (French and English), many indigenous languages do exist. Because of this linguistic diversity, Cameroonians have devised a means of a common linguistic identity -Cameroon Pidgin English (CPE)through which they can understand each other. The paper shows that CPE is viable, flexible and practical, and that Cameroonians are more comfortable using this language, which
more » ... his language, which they consider to be an indigenous language, than using either French or English the official languages. Another claim in this paper is that Cameroonians consider CPE as a more natural and unifying language which "grows" in their eyes and which transcends geographical and political boundaries, because it is not a language of a particular ethnic group and thus goes beyond the reproach of tribalism. The paper argues that if there are enough written material and text books on CPE, it will be an appropriate language for use as a medium of instruction in the early years of schooling and for the education of Cameroonian adult illiterates.
doi:10.20431/2349-0381.0302018 fatcat:vinbguaybzepbn2ljbg2kti3n4