Smart Vehicle Tracking System

K.P Kamble
2012 International Journal of Distributed and Parallel systems  
A capable automobile safety arrangement is put into action for calamity detection, by means of an embedded architecture having a Global Positioning System (GPS), Wi-Fi Module and cloud. Now a day's vehicle population is growing exponentially, so is the number of thefts and accident associated with vehicles and in most cases, the owner could retrieve his/her vehicle from the location. With more than one billion vehicles in use in the world, a smart e-vehicle tracking and calamity detection
more » ... ity detection system using cloud is always a boon to the owners. The system sends a predefined message if theft and accident happens. The user can track the exact location of their vehicle with the help of Google earth on an android mobile application using GPS location identifier, The object's present position is find out and send, along with other important parameter conveyed by vehicle delta ports via cloud server with the help of Wi-Fi module which is associated to computer or smart phone. Since the key intermediate of communication is Internet the term IOT is employed here. The proprietor of the vehicle has an option of disconnection the fuel connection to the engine if he/she wants to take instantaneous action against the attacker. Vehicle also contains the tracking feature, tracking application and will get image of thief driving the vehicle. The most significant feature of this paper is calamity detection. It follows the same method as in melt recognition i.e. when calamity dose takes place the accelerometer reading and Piezoelectric sensor reading with activate the system start sending coordinates of the calamity location to the law enforcement authorities ,hospitals & family member's so they can take an immediate action.
doi:10.5121/ijdps.2012.3410 fatcat:pjeep2ufybgedjjmlom544xjey