Research on Investment Decision of Start-up Company Based on POCD Framework – Taking Kindbody as an Example

Wenchong He, Xiuping Li, Yingtong Zhang
2021 Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Financial Management and Economic Transition (FMET 2021)   unpublished
The study of a more efficient and more general project investment feasibility evaluation system can effectively reduce the uncertain and unknown investment risks in the process of project investment evaluation and decision-making. We put forward an investment system --POCD, which is suitable for the characteristics of start-up enterprises. It can capture the information of start-up enterprises more comprehensively and effectively to realize the evaluation of their investment value. In addition,
more » ... this paper takes Kind Body, a start-up enterprise in the medical industry, as an example to explain how to use POCD. The analysis results show that Kind Body is an enterprise with great investment value. To be specific, Kin Body has an elite leadership team, outstanding industry first-class clinicians and research and development talents, as well as an advanced business strategy model. Meanwhile, with the help of opportunities from customers' demands for reproductive assistance and the steady development of the national economy in the United States, As well as the leap-forward level of infrastructure construction in the field of reproductive health science research and the inherent advantages of the stable social and political situation, Kind Body has proved to have excellent investment prospects. However, there are still deficiencies in the aspects of enterprise cost management, coordinated allocation of human resources, and research and development of competitive product portfolio model, which there are also areas where Kind Body needs to be continuously improved in the future to enhance the value of the enterprise. In general, Kind Body is worth investing in for investors.
doi:10.2991/aebmr.k.210917.028 fatcat:jq7757j6abagras52kq4sdvdyi