An Attempt to Probe the Radio Jet Collimation Regions in NGC 4278, NGC 4374 (M84), and NGC 6166

C. Ly, R. C. Walker, J. M. Wrobel
2004 Astronomical Journal  
NRAO Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) observations of NGC 4278, NGC 4374 (M84), NGC 6166, and M87 (NGC 4486) have been made at 43 GHz in an effort to image the jet collimation region. This is the first attempt to image the first three sources at 43 GHz using Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) techniques. These three sources were chosen because their estimated black hole mass and distance implied a Schwarzschild radius with large angular size, giving hope that the jet collimation regions
more » ... ld be studied. Phase referencing was utilize for the three sources because of their expected low flux densities. M87 was chosen as the calibrator for NGC 4374 because it satisfied the phase referencing requirements: nearby to the source and sufficiently strong. Having observed M87 for a long integration time, we have detected its sub-parsec jet, allowing us to confirm previous high resolution observations made by Junor, Biretta & Livio, who have indicated that a wide opening angle was seen near the base of the jet. Phase referencing successfully improved our image sensitivity, yielding detections and providing accurate positions for NGC 4278, NGC 4374 and NGC 6166. These sources are point dominated, but show suggestions of extended structure in the direction of the large-scale jets. However, higher sensitivity will be required to study their sub-parsec jet structure.
doi:10.1086/379855 fatcat:hjiuaptalncjpgsg5pa5td5ala